Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wartrol review

Wartrol is the newest natural treatment for genital warts on the market. It is a natural medicines that works on the genital warts as a homeopathic treatment.

What is a homeopathic treatment for genital warts ?

Homeopathy has been discovered by the German scientist Samuel Hahnemann in the 19th century. It is a principle that states that it is possible to heal a given illness with agents that can cause the symptoms of this same illness if applied to a healthy person.

Wartrol is a homeopathic treatment for genital warts that kills the warts with this same principle. The way it works is that it boosts the action of the immune system to kill the tissues of the warts.

Since Wartrol is absorbed orally, it guarantees good results on external genital wartsas well as on internal genital warts that can't be treated with creams or with other topical remedies.

The period of time needed for Wartrol to completely kill the warts depends on their size and on the ability of the immune system to respond to the treatment. Click here to learn more about Wartrol!


jc smith said...

Hey everyone,

So I have had Genital Warts for over 2 years. We always see post about people seeking treatments for them, but we hardly ever see people who are cured post what they did to get rid of them. Well I decided I would let everyone know what worked for me. Unfortunately, we all know what works good on one person for HPV doesn't always work as well for others, but it's always nice to know what worked for someone else so we can at least try it. I had tried several treatments before I got to the one that worked. I tried going to the doctor and doing the TCA applications, the freezing treatments, and a few others but they never really worked 100%. They would make the warts smaller but never go away 100%. So I started doing some research. A lot of people were talking about how your immune system needs to be boosted and to make sure you are eating healthy and getting all the vitamins and antioxidants that you need to get rid of genital warts.

So I started working out, eating healthy everyday while taking several supplements to boost my immune system and to give me as much antioxidants as I could. I then found some reviews on Wartamine. I read some good ones and some bad ones, but at this point I was so desperate to get rid of my warts that I ordered it just to see if it would work. In about two weeks I started to notice my warts getting smaller. To be honest, this really didn't excite me as previous treatments had done the same but the warts would always come back. But I kept using, and to my surprise about two weeks after that my warts were just about gone!!! At this point I was pretty excited as all the treatments I have ever used ever gave me results this good. After a total of about 6-7 weeks I no longer had any warts!!! I continued to eat healthy and take my supplements with the wartamine for the next two months. The warts were finally gone and I was so paranoid of them coming back that I stayed on the treatment for longer just in case. I have now been wart free for about 6 months and no longer use the supplements. I can't really say exactly what caused the warts to go away. I think it was a combination of everything together. So for those of you looking to get rid of genital warts, start eating healthy and exercising and try wartamine or some other similar product. I didn't think it would work for me, but it did. And I'd still have the warts to this day if I didn't take that chance.

You can find the products all over but the website I used was To me anyways, the site is convenient. It had everything I needed so i decided just to go with them. Whatever you decided I wish you all the best and hope you can get rid of your warts as well!

Josh Barron said...

I agree with the natural treatment for genital warts that you have shared. I actually prefer the more these more than actual meds to prevent side effects.