Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Treating genital warts with TCA (trichloroacetic acid)

Genital warts can sometimes be treated with a topical treatment called Trichloroacetic acid or TCA. This clear liquid is applied by a qualified health care professional once a week until the warts are completely gone after a few weeks.

The first application of TCA causes the warts to start to shrink and turn white. This first application can also cause some stinging that can lead to some discomfort.

As it is mensioned above, TCA can only be applied by a professional. The reason is that, if not used properly, this solution can cause some severe irritation in the area surrounding the treated lesion.

However, you can safely use TCA 50 % to treat your genital warts at home without risking to harm yourself. The thing is, TCA 50% can guarantee very good results in killing genital warts, but since its strength is weakened, it can't harm the skin surrounding the treated areas.

You can click here to learn more about TCA 50%.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Treatment for internal genital warts

Internal genital warts (inside the vaginal canal or cervix) can be removed with laser therapy, freezing or electrocautery.

The can also be treated with alpha interferon which is an antiviral solution that is injected inside the vagina with a special appliacator twice a day for 5 successive. Then after taking two days off, the treatment is resumed until the warts are killed.

Internal genital warts can also be treated with a natural homeopathic medicine like Wartrol. This natural medicine is absorbed orally to trigger a reaction of the immune system against the warts to kill them.

The period of treatment with Wartrol depends on the ability of the immune system to respond to the treatment and on the size of the warts.

Unlike other natural herbal exracts that can only act on external genital warts, Wartrol acts on all types of external and internal genital warts. Click here to learn more about Wartrol!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dermisil for genital warts

Dermisil for genital warts is a natural herbal extract that can be used very effectively to kill all types of external genital warts.

It combines the healing power of three plants that are very well known for their healing properties and that have been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years to treat different types of skin infections and wounds. These three plants are : Ricinus Communis, Thuja Occidentalis and Melaleuca Alternifolia.

Dermisil for genital warts is a topical medicine. Which means that, when applied on the warts, it woks externally on them to kill them.

The method for using Dermisil for genital warts is simple : you wash the warts with soap and water, you dry them completely and then you apply The medicine on them with a cotton ball or Q-tips.

This should be repeated four times a day. And to guarantee a faster treatment, you can also soak a cotton boll in the Dermisil tiquid and type it on the warts at night using a band aid.

Unless the warts are too big, you can expect to get rid of them in 2 weeks. But if your condition is severe, or if you have very big warts, then up to 5 weeks may be needed.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wartrol review

Wartrol is the newest natural treatment for genital warts on the market. It is a natural medicines that works on the genital warts as a homeopathic treatment.

What is a homeopathic treatment for genital warts ?

Homeopathy has been discovered by the German scientist Samuel Hahnemann in the 19th century. It is a principle that states that it is possible to heal a given illness with agents that can cause the symptoms of this same illness if applied to a healthy person.

Wartrol is a homeopathic treatment for genital warts that kills the warts with this same principle. The way it works is that it boosts the action of the immune system to kill the tissues of the warts.

Since Wartrol is absorbed orally, it guarantees good results on external genital wartsas well as on internal genital warts that can't be treated with creams or with other topical remedies.

The period of time needed for Wartrol to completely kill the warts depends on their size and on the ability of the immune system to respond to the treatment. Click here to learn more about Wartrol!

Friday, August 1, 2008

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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